This page is, quite simply, a list of events that I either have taken part in or will be attending in the near future, as well as any other small announcements that I might need to make.

7th of September 2019 – Fiery Food UK Festival (Brighton) – The third chilli festival of my career and one that I have high hopes for but, aside from booking train tickets, I can’t say that I’ve experienced any of it yet so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Feel free to say “Hi”, though, if you’re also attending.

3rd of July 2019 (6:30pm) – Mojo’s Bar (Leeds) – I attended a Hot Ones-style challenge night hosted by the bar and Frank Jay, from my local Chilli Shop. You can see part one of my experience 📽️ here 📽️ but the second half of the video is still in editing.

22nd of June 2019 – North Leeds Food Fest (Roundhay) – After getting my yearly extract sauce review out of the way early, I headed on down to the North Leeds Food Festival for a tasty birthday treat. There was plenty there to satisfy, both hot and not, so I definitely didn’t leave empty-handed.

18th & 19th of May 2019 – Yorkshire Cosplay Con (Sheffield) – I went to nerd out with my fellow sci-fi, comic book and anime-lovers, donning my apron to dress as my favourite anime chef and 📽️ meet James McKenzie 📽️ from CBBC’s Raven.

10th of November 2018 – Doki Doki Con (Manchester) – As one of the few anime conventions that really highlights the culture behind the medium, I was super excited to visit manchester for this event. The food was great, the traditional games were all new to me and Tofu Cute’s snack panel provided a super interest insight into how fruit and the flavours that mimick them vary between cultures.

6th of October 2018 – Challock Chilli Fest – I had a great time getting to know stallholders and trying over a hundred varieties of chilli. It was a fun festival with a difference, despite the rain, and you can read all about it here.

17th of June 2017 – Reading Chilli Fest – A day of fiery food in the sweltering heat of midsummer might sound like torture to some but it was truly wonderful to meet some of my favourite producers (and a whole host of new ones) in person at my first ever festival visit. Next time I’ll try not to get quite as carried away with the purchases, though.

4th of June 2017 (4pm) – Yorkshire Food and Drink Show (Leeds) – I sponsored and assisted with their chilli eating competition, again streamed live by the Yorkshire Post. This year’s competition included a couple of chillies that hadn’t been properly rated yet to up the excitement even further.

3rd of June 2017 (6pm) – Yorkshire Food and Drink Show (Leeds) – I assisted in the running of their “Extreme Food Challenge”, streamed live by the Yorkshire Post, where I joined in briefly to try some fresh wasabi.