Common Name*: 7-Pot/Pod

Pronunciation: ???

Other Names: 7-Pot/Pod Yellow, 7-Pot/Pod Red, 7-Pot/Pod Brainstrain Red, 7-Pot/Pod Brainstrain Yellow, 7-Pot/Pod Bubblegum Red, 7-Pot/Pod Bubblegum White, 7-Pot/Pod Douglah Chocolate, 7-Pot/Pod Douglah Red, 7-Pot/Pod Infinity, 7-Pot/Pod Jonah Red, 7-Pot/Pod Jonah Yellow, 7-Pot/Pod Primo Chocolate, 7-Pot/Pod Primo Red, 7-Pot/Pod Primo Yellow, 7-Pot/Pod Katie, 7-Pot/Pod Lucy

Type: Chinense

Rarity: Uncommon

Related Peppers: Trinidad Scorpion Red, InfiNaga, Dragon’s Breath

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*This name originally referred to a single variety (the yellow) but is now used for many of its relatives, as well. Please click on its “other names” to see the individual strains.