2022 Resolutions

Hello again, everyone. I’ve already said all of my “happy new year”s, this time around, but I can still wish you all a happy thursday. Since today’s that special once a year reflection post where I look back at how my blog has progressed – Or not – and write up my resolutions for the year to come.

Moving into twenty twenty-two, though, things are a little bit different because I’m actually already in the middle of implementing a big change.

On the twenty-eighth of december, I tried three new potential world records and every single one of them was stronger than my former scale topper. So, at the time of writing, I’m still very much in the middle of updating my many encyclopedia pages, in order to reflect the new numbering that’s ensued.

Given that that change is already well underway, however, its completion seems all but inevitable and I wouldn’t feel right considering it a proper new year’s promise. So allow me to make an adjacent one, instead.

Last year was very much about introducing my heat rating graphics and I feel like that went extremely well. But, now that they’re no longer this fresh new thing, I feel like I need an easily accessible explanation of them, to help out newer readers. And where better to put that than in an updated “about” page.

So, in twenty twenty-two, I’m going to be giving that section of the site a complete overhaul – And maybe some of the other pages, as well – in order to better reflect my current content and say a little less about myself. Though there’ll still be just as much of me in each and every review, for those of you who want that.

And, for those of you who just want to see the peppers, my encyclopedia may not be as perfectly full of pictures as I’d hoped it’d be, by the start of this year, but it’s still filling up with plenty and will continue to do so in twenty twenty-two.

Aside from those two things, I didn’t promise much in twenty twenty-one’s post but I did mention that I’d like to get more recipes out there. And, in the twelve months since, I also received a sponsorship from the Chilli Project, for which I promised you even more.

Unfortunately, things haven’t quite panned out on that front – My personal life having got in the way – but the very first of those sponsored dishes should go live either this weekend or next. And I have plans for many more, after that.

Other than that, I’d also like to get my YouTube channel up and running again but, honestly, that’s the lowest priority among the lot. The written blog always has and always will come first.

Hopefully that’s alright with you all but do let me know if you disagree with what I plan on doing or if you have anything else that you’d like to see in the year to come. I’m always happy to address your comments and you’re always free to make them. Either down below or via the “Contact Me” page, up top.

Enjoy the new year!

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