The Chilli Project

Happy thursday, everyone! Today I have some great news to share!

It’s taken a little while to sort out, on both my end and theirs, but The Chilli Project are finally featuring in the sidebar as my first ever paid affiliate link. Which means not only that can you easily check them out but also that anything you buy, while doing so, directly supports this site. And, considering the quality of their products, I’d call that a major win-win!

Because no, I haven’t written reviews of The Chilli Product for this site and I don’t intend to – My impartiality is a matter of pride – but I have written many of the blurbs for theirs and I’ve tried most of their range, in the process. So I know their sauces, pickles and preserves well and I can honestly say that I would recommend the lot.

Plus, I will be writing something about them, in the coming months.

While I don’t plan on doing any Chilli Project reviews, I did just receive a second batch of sauce, salt and pickle from the owner. So you’ll be seeing several more excerpts, from me, making their way onto the company website, in the near future, and featuring all of this lot:

Plus, as for here, I’ll being trying my best to post more recipes from now on. Making use of a wide selection from The Chilli Project’s range, in addition to my usual, in order to give you all a better idea of how they can reach their fullest potential. Because I genuinely do believe that they’re worth using. I don’t just say so because they’re paying me and I wouldn’t have taken the sponsorship if I didn’t trust that you’d enjoy them, too.

I’m very much looking forward to trying out everything that you can see here, as well as refreshing my memory on the rest of The Chilli Project’s range, and bringing you new and exciting things to do with the lot.

So stay tuned for some fiery fun and, in the mean time, check out their website so that you can nom along:


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