2021 Resolutions

Hey folks, welcome to twenty-twenty-one. This tuesday was my first post of the year, so now it’s time to address the year that’s gone and what my resolutions are for the year ahead. Though I don’t think that it’ll surprise any of you to know that last year was a complete and utter mess.

If anything, I’d say that I deserve a pat on the back just for surviving twenty-twenty. But let’s have a look at what I was supposed to be doing with the year anyway.

According to last year’s resolution’s post, my big goals, going into twenty-twenty, were visual and organisational. I intended to pretty up the site with new heat rating images, which you’re just seeing the prototypes for now:

but also with the Pepper Encyclopedia that I’ve been linking in almost every post. One which tracks all of my past experiences with each and every pepper, whilst providing images of most of them.

There are a few conspicuous absences, in that regard, that I may wish to address this year but, generally speaking, I’d say that the section has been a major success. Which is more than I can say for the post which was meant to accompany it.

My explanation of what pepper species are still hasn’t happened because, quite frankly, I just haven’t got around to sitting down and spending the time to write it.

I could try and excuse that with the extra pressures of the year and all the additional stuff that I’ve been doing, over on Facebook, but the real issues are little more than laziness and the anxiety that’s built up around getting the post perfect. So I have no idea when, or even if, you’ll see that post. All that I can do is assure you that it hasn’t slipped my mind.

Whereas the one post that I did write off as never happening – That promise of a ramen recipe – actually came to fruition almost the instant that I’d given up hope. Only a few weeks into the year.

So, while not everything has gone to plan and I certainly haven’t been able to increase the frequency of my mini-recipes – Largely due to limiting my shopping trips to reduce the chance of me catching this pandemic – I’d say that I’ve managed remarkably well, all things considered.

The site has grown, the range of my activities has grown and my backlog has shrunken to reasonable, yet still healthy, levels.

My plans for the new year are pretty much just to keep going as I’m going, though I’d be quite pleased if I could find an artist to do up my site banner and maybe, just maybe, write a few more recipes.

So, let me know if that’s acceptable or if you think that I need to do more, either in this post’s comments or via my “Contact Me” page, up top. I’m always happy to hear from my readers and I’d be very interested to see where you lot think that my site should go.

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