Sidebar Update

Hello again, fiery food fans. It’s not time for another post just yet but I would like to give you a quick update, just to say that I’ve made some adjustments to the links on the right. Or down below, for anyone on mobile.

I’ve been meaning to add Chilli of the Valley for a little while and now they’re there, alongside A Bit of a Pickle, who sent me some rather tasty Habanero Jam and a jar of superhot chutney with my last order.

Sadly, though, I’ve also had to remove Matt Tangent’s 💀Bang Bang Oil. He’s simply not making it anymore. Though he does have a second business, importing australian hot sauces, which you can find at And he also co-runs the League of Fire, which is essentially a shop and set of ranking tables for chilli challenges.

Do go check those out, if you feel like supporting him, since he has been pretty good to me. Just don’t expect to see those two companies on the sidebar, since they haven’t actually sent me anything directly.

If I added every company that I liked, that that list would be a mile long in no time.

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