2020 Resolutions

Hey folks, we’re nine days into january, now, so I think it’s time to have a look at where my blog is headed. But, before we get started on that, let’s see how I did with last year’s resolutions, shall we?

Twenty-nineteen was supposed to be my year of getting things done. Of clearing out my backlog, both blog-wise and video-wise, in order to bring you fresher content. That didn’t work.

Everything that I promised you in my previous resolution post did get addressed. I did get my entire backlog of pre-microphone upgrade videos out of the way, to allow for better audio quality in the future. And, while I didn’t upload every one of my reviews from Reading Chilli Fest, I did show you every product that still exists.

On paper, that’s a success, but sacrifices were made to make it happen. I still have a significant backlog of reviews from Challock Chilli Fest, on top of what I picked up in brighton this year, and the christmas videos that were supposed to go up last month won’t be seen until tomorrow.

All that I’ve done is trade one backlog for another.

Yet this year has seen a better balance of mild and extreme products than the two years before it and the look of both my site and my YouTube channel has improved. Plus, while I’d like to manage more of them, my mini-recipes do seem to have gone down well.

In short, last year was a bit of a mixed bag – Neither success, nor failure, but a bit of both.

Moving onwards, though, I want to carry on improving the site, both visually and in terms of organisation.

I’ll be looking for an artist to pretty the place up but, also, within the next week or two, I’ll be adding my Pepper Encyclopedia to the top menu, as well. Though some among you may have caught glimpses of that page or its contents already.

I’ve been working on it, in the background, for quite some time. Yet, until now, I’ve been attempting to keep it secret and only using it for seed trades. Even if it was impossible to keep out of site-wide searches. In the future, however, I intend to use the page for a lot more.

I intend to use it to catalogue every pepper that I have ever tried and to link to every product or recipe that I have written about that included each. This way, if you enjoy an item that I’ve reviewed or a dish that I’ve cooked, it’ll take only a few clicks to find everything else that shares a chilli with it.

And, in the long term, I intend to have this new encyclopedia replace my pronunciation guide, as well. Though that transition may take some time to complete.

So that’s my big plan but, to go along with it, I also want to sit down and finally write that post on pepper species that I promised you all. It’s just been a lot harder to find conclusive, meaningful information on what constitutes a “species” than I initially thought, since the usual “can they interbreed and have fertile offspring” rule doesn’t apply.

Unfortunately, the one other small promise that I have outstanding – To write you a spicy ramen recipe – won’t be getting fulfilled. It simply takes too long to brew a good broth and I don’t think that either of us would be happy with a four plus hour recipe.

I’m very sorry for my overeagerness there, in making a commitment that I could not keep, but hopefully the rest of this post strikes you as agreeable.

If not – Or if you have any other suggestions to make – feel free to drop a comment down below or hit up my “Contact Me” page at the top. I’m always happy to hear from you.

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