Chipotle Snaps

Hey folks, do you like brandy? I don’t.

And yet, for some reason, it’s almost everywhere at christmas time. In puddings, cream, butter and biscuits, to name just a few of its applications. So, today, I’m going to be taking a common brandy recipe and taking the brandy out of it.


I’m going to be making some chipotle snaps, with the help of Burning Desire FoodsSyrup.

For the full list, you will need:


50g butter

50g plain flour

50g brown sugar

2 tablespoons <chipotle syrup>

2 tablespoons golden syrup

½ teaspoon cassia cinnamon (the common sort)

¼ teaspoon red chipotle powder

And, if you’ve run out of regular butter, like me, a couple pinches of salt to make the unsalted kind palatable. The rest is then oh so simple.

Sieve your flour, cinnamon and chilli powder into a bowl and place the rest into a small saucepan. Then bring that pan up to heat to melt and combine its contents, trying not to boil.

Once the butter, sugar and syrups have formed a single, caramel-like liquid, pour it into the flour and whisk until smooth.

Viola! You have a batter!

Now just pop five heaped teaspoons of the stuff onto a papered baking tray, making sure that each one is way away from the others, and you can chuck them in the oven. This time, at 180°c for approximately eight minutes.

Do keep an eye on your little biscuit blobs, though. It’s fun to watch them bubble and grow but also, you don’t want them to get any darker than this at the edges or they’ll taste horribly bitter.


Make sure to take them out before they burn and leave them for a literal minute – Not a figurative one – to cool just enough that they can be rolled into the usual straws. As seen in my opening image.

You do have to get the timing right on this one, as they’ll just flop if they’re too fresh from the oven and they snap, like their name suggests, if they’re too cool. That is, however, the only hard part of the recipe and, even if you mess up on shaping them, they’ll still taste great.

Like a spiced caramel, with subtle undertones of dark syrup and just a hint of savoury smoke.

They’re not hot, by any means, but they are delicious and their mere



makes them perfect to share with family over the holiday season.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have done and will continue to. And hey, if you do want more of a kick, you could always try a lemondrop version using Khoo’s syrup.


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