Alchemist Arisen

Happy white day, everyone! I wasn’t planning on doing a thursday post this week but then some rather exciting news reached me and I just had to write one.

Today’s post is, as today’s holiday is, a direct follow up to this year’s valentine’s day feature on the Chilli Alchemist. Because, I’m delighted to say, that post no longer properly reflects the situation.

The people behind the Chilli Alchemist have retired from the business, that much is true, but last month was not your last chance to grab their sauces. In fact, there is no “last chance” at all. The Chilli Alchemist’s range will be around for years to come.

Why? Because the company is now run by Grim Reaper Foods. One of my other absolute favourite brands. One who also hold a place in my sidebar of links (below each post on mobile).

But Russell – The man behind Grim Reaper Foods – has been very honest with his mailing list. He admits that this is a very large and sudden undertaking for him and warns that the Chilli Alchemist’s old products will not be in stock consistently for quite a while. Until he has sorted out their production oncemore.

For now, both his site and the Chilli Alchemist’s still hold remaining stock from the company but how long it will last and how long it will be before we see a new batch is anyone’s guess. So, if you’d like to try the Chilli Alchemist’s sauces and/or popping candy, I’d suggest you get a move on all the same.

And the Apothecary bottles will be even more scarce in future because they’re not something that Russell normally uses.

He has said that he wishes to continue them, if he can, but that they will likely only be seasonal limited editions. Not an item that you can get every day like before.

Perhaps, though – And this is just my own speculation – we could see some of his own line-up in such containers in future? After all, the Grim Reaper’s own Alchemy would look truly amazing in such a flask with a touch of back lighting!

For now, that is all I have for you on today’s topic but it is, in my mind, most wonderful news. The continuation of a company that I love through new ownership by one of my other favourites.

And, I suppose, stay tuned for more, should anything relevant come up.

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