Menu Change

Sup peeps. It’s wednesday and it’s time I made an announcement.

If any of you are regulars to my blog, you may have already noticed that the sidebar hasn’t been updating for a couple of weeks.

This isn’t an error and it isn’t laziness on my part. It is, in fact, the result of me putting together an update behind the scenes. Preparing another menu to take its place and being unable to edit both at the same time.

This new menu is an extension of my Links tab up top, containing all the companies that have sent me freebies, as well as a couple of other items that I want to support, and each one also has its own little page to explain it.

It’s better for me, since I no longer have to edit an overly long and laggy menu every time I make a post, and it’s better for you because you now have easier access to many of the companies that I’ve worked with. And that overview under each lets you easily see everything that I’ve reviewed from them to boot.

So go check it out and, if you want the old archives, well, just look up top beneath my banner.

2 thoughts on “Menu Change

  1. yorkshirepianos July 19, 2018 / 7:21 am

    Just to add to your workload, would you consider making a page that lists the products you’ve reviewed by heat? Usually when looking for something new the one thing I know is how hot I want it (or at least the top heat I want), so being able to easily pick out which reviews to look at would make it so much easier.


  2. Spicefreak July 19, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    Thanks for writing in but I think you’ll find that the existing archives (linked at the end of this post or up top above my shelf) already have what you’re looking for. They list all of my past posts in the same order that my side bar used to. Which is to say, they are split into 5 different categories and then ordered by heat from mildest to hottest within each one. Just skip past my recipes to the second bold heading if you want product reviews.

    Thanks for reading and I hope that helps.


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