Peri Peri Paneer Wrap

Guess what, everyone?

It’s another surprise recipe sunday and, this time, I’m working with one of Mahi’s samples for a simple, tasty, lunchtime wrap. Like the one I mentioned back in my review of their Peri Peri Marinade.

It’s a dish with a tiny bit of indian flare from its paneer cheese filling but also the crispness of fresh veg paired with a the smooth chilli taste that very product. Not that you couldn’t go a little bolder and more traditional with their tika if you really wanted.

To make it, you will need:

2018-05-29 12.08.44

100g paneer cheese

1 tortilla or chapati

4 tablespoons of Mahi marinade

½ a small red onion

¼ of a bell pepper (red will do but I much prefer orange, myself)

1 large lettuce leaf

And at least two hours in which to infuse it.

Personally, I’d suggest throwing your cheese, in roughly 2cm cubes, into a tupperware container with 3 spoonfuls of your marinade and then into the fridge right after breakfast. If you want to marinate for longer, though, I certainly won’t stop you and you may get just a little more flavour into the paneer if you leave it overnight.

2018-05-29 12.18.04

Plus, I should probably mention, my tablespoons don’t actually fit into Mahi’s jars. If you have the same problem, and you probably will, you can pour the marinade onto your spoon but that can get a touch messy and there is an alternative. As it turns out, a tablespoon is roughly equivalent to three teaspoons so you can just triple the numbers and use a smaller spoon.

Anyway, once your cheese has had time to infuse with flavour, then we can really get going.

Dice up your partial onion and heat some oil in a small pan. Just enough to fry in will do.

When that’s nice and warm, chuck in the onion and paneer, along with the forth tablespoon of marinade, and fry on a medium-high heat for twenty minutes. Really get things sizzling so that the onion softens and your cheese gets some texture to its outer edges.

Then all that remains is the small matter of assembly.

Lay out your flatbread on a plate and rinse your lettuce leaf. Shaking off any excess moisture, position that leaf down the middle of the bread to add a little crisp texture to your meal.

Slice your quarter pepper into bite-size morsels for some more flavourful fresh veg and top your lettuce with that.

Chuck on the contents of your pan and you should have something like this:

2018-05-29 15.08.44

Only a little less piled high because I had to reduce the contents post-photo to actually wrap it up.

So go ahead, fold it closed and enjoy your meal, with its pleasant



largely because indian cheese is a little less absorbent than chicken.

Its firm yet soft, almost fall apart in the mouth texture more than makes up for that, though, as it pairs with the crisp raw veg and the flavourful, yet equally soft, fried onions.

It’s pretty simple but this is definitely my favourite use of their Peri Peri Marinade.

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