Saucey Lady’s Sauces

Hello again everyone. Today I’d like to make a quick thursday post about another company I met back at Reading Chilli Fest.

I didn’t get anything free from this one, so they won’t be appearing in my links section up top, and I don’t even know that much about them.

What I can tell you, though, is that their range needs to be seen together to be fully appreciated:


These four bottles all come from Saucey Lady – A small, possibly even single-person, chilli company, who still managed to show me a range more than twice this size. What I have here are merely a few standouts, which neatly showcase the assortment of bottles that they had on offer.

I won’t mention the contents right now, since that wouldn’t be any fun, but I would still like to talk about the three different types of packaging.

We’ve got the usual, your standard 150ml. Middle of the road, size-wise and actually the cheapest price-wise, coming in at four pounds.


Then there’s the hip flask model. Fifty mil more and perfectly shaped to fit the breast pocket of most men’s jackets, making for easy transport.

Unless you want your sauce with you wherever you go, though, the basic bottle is both cheaper and better value for money. This hip flask style is six pounds, which is still not unreasonable for what you get, but it’s the most expensive of the three and a slightly higher price per volume than the 150ml.


Yet its not nearly as uneconomical as the third and last bottle that I have to show you:


This little skull bottle costs five pounds and contains only 50ml of sauce. You don’t pick this one if you want value for money and, considering the fact that it actually costs more than the 150ml, I wouldn’t even recommend it as a way to try a product.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that, if you’re buying this bottle, you’re not buying a sauce. You’re buying the craftsmanship – The thicker glass and extra effort than went into making it look this good. The blend of adorable-size and deadly appearance that make it a perfect gift or display piece.

Come christmas, I’ll be mentioning this bottle again because it’s definitely suited to stocking fillers and collections. Even if I’d be more inclined to buy a bigger size when buying for myself.

For most people, I can only really recommend the basic model but, if you need your sauce with you when you eat out on a regular basis, the hip flask might be more convenient. And, if you’re a collector or buying for someone else, do consider the good looks of that little skull.

Or, if you’re willing to splash out a bit more, I’ve been informed that they have a whole load of other, larger shapes like cats, christmas trees and bikers in the ten to fifteen pound range. Though I’m afraid I couldn’t get any of those to show you.

Whatever bottle catches your eye, though, every single Saucey Lady sauce is available in each of their bottles. And, for that matter, every one is adorned with the exact same label.

A long, yet not very tall, maroon label with a slightly rough, textured appearance, despite its glossy finish.

The company name resides front and centre (even if it’s technically on the back of the skull) in thin white text and outline, with a small white box to its left holding that of the sauce.

But the most interesting part is, of course, the image – That of a slightly old-fashioned, raunchy dancer, lifting up her chilli-patterened white dress to show her garters.

It’s easy to miss at first but this icon cleverly combines the three key features of the company:

-Chilli in the pattern of the dress.

-Sauciness in the rude behaviour of the lady. Something of a reverse double entendre, when they specialise in sauces.

-And being run by a woman.

Not that I would typically make a big deal out of the last of those but Kaz, the owner of Saucey Lady, seems to. And, if I’m honest, it is a tad unusual.

Many of the small companies that I’ve showcased have been a simple husband and wife team but, to the best of my knowledge, they’ve all been led by the husband.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough whether that change in dynamic affects the sauce at all but I’m sure that they’ll be great either way. After all, I did try them back in reading, before deeming them review-worthy.

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