White-Label Wonders

So this tuesday we’re going to be looking at another pair of products but it’s not a comparison post.

Instead, I have for you a couple of white label items from a single seller that we’ve already seen stuff from. It’s Daddy Cool’s!

Back again with some rather unusual recipes.

One of them is his Hybrid – His take on a green sauce with jalapeño, coconut and kiwi. It’s an old recipe that wasn’t in stock when I got to choose freebies from him before but it is, to me at least, his most interesting sounding sauce.

While the other doesn’t yet have an interesting name. It’s brand new, not yet released online and labelled only as “Spicy Green Beans with Chilli”.

He’s jokingly told me that this bonus pickle is a bribe. An incentive not to spend too long on the Hybrid’s plain, white packaging.

But let’s be honest here, neither of them has anything worth talking about on the outside, anyway.

Instead, let’s just give them a go:

The Hybrid is my second kiwi sauce on this site but it’s still highly unique. It’s even more of a savoury one than the Dorset Meadows and its chilli is completely different.

The jalapeño in here is quite clearly as green in flavour as the sauce itself and it pairs very well with the thyme, ginger and lime.

It’s quite a sharp sauce, with little to offset the lime juice and vinegar it uses, but it’s also nice and smooth from its coconut content.

Yet its smooth taste isn’t met with a smooth texture. This sauce is thick, pulpy and has the same gentle crunch we saw in the Meadows – Something that seems to be inherent to the use of the kiwi fruit.

There’s less of it in here, of course, but it’s enough to add a bit of bite all the same. Here’s the full ingredients list:

Kiwi Fruit (29%), Fresh Coconut Water, Jalapeno Chilli (24%), Spirit Vinegar, Honey, Onions, Ginger, Moringa Powder (2%), Creamed Coconut, Lime Juice, Fresh Thyme, Black Pepper, Salt, Kaffir Leaf.

And, of course, while it’s way down on the list, it doesn’t take a lot of thyme to have a big impact on taste.

This sauce would go deliciously on white fish or fried rice, with a thai curry or even over salad. Plus, I could see it being a most unusual ingredient for burritos.

It’s definitely a herby jalapeño one but it’s nothing even remotely like the typical coriander-based concoction. I like it!

But it’s also not the only item on show. We also have a green bean pickle – An upcoming product that’s apparently going down incredibly well at stalls but isn’t up for purchase online just yet.

It’s made from:

Green Beans (34%), Chilli (22%), MUSTARDO Oil (rapeseed oil, MUSTARD Oil), Spirit Vinegar, Coriander, Sugar, Onion, Lemon Juice, Spices, Tamarind, Garlic, Ginger, MUSTARD Seed, Fennel Seed, Asafoetida (ground rice, gum arabic, turmeric).

And, while he hasn’t told me exactly what it is, the chilli that he’s used here is clearly a lot hotter than your typical unnamed variety.

It’s present throughout as small red shreds and hits me with a rather delayed but nonetheless quite powerful



in the back of my throat. Striking me as the very top of that rating, slap bang in the middle of what I’d call hot but not super.

It’s quite a step up from the



that the sauce had, varying from mild to medium based on the amount of chilli and ginger in each mouthful – Something that no amount of shaking seemed to fix.

Anyway, getting back to the pickle, it has similar base notes to the other, milder one that I tried from Daddy Cool.

It’s an indian-style pickle without the bitter notes you’d traditionally find in such an “achari” and with rich, earthy undertones from its asafoetida and mustard oil. Yet it also has something else going on. Something more italian.

Because, while most of the recommended uses on the jar are pretty typical of such an indian pickle (with curry, with popadoms, with indian bread products or in a cheese sandwich), there was one that really stood out to me. It’s maker also suggests pairing it with pasta.

And I don’t disagree.

The coriander, lemon juice and green beans all come together to provide elements of other, less indian pickles that I’ve tried in the past. Non-chilli ones, labelled as antipasti and intended to be part of an italian starter.

It’s quite unexpected but definitely a welcome blend of cultures. And its an item I can definitely see myself adding to lightly buttered plain pasta. Perhaps with just a touch of parmesan.

The combination of heavy spices with light, fresh vegetable makes for a most pleasant pickle with almost pesto-like applications.

I would definitely advise giving it a go when it launches properly but, in the mean time, you might have to hurry if you want today’s other product.

What I bought (and I did buy this sauce, only the pickle was free) was one of the last twenty bottles of the Hybrid in stock and, unless interest suddenly picks up, he’s thinking about discontinuing it.

Now, I wouldn’t say that it’s Daddy Cool’s best product – I still think that that crown goes to his Fatalii Attraction – but it is a goodie nonetheless and it would be a real shame to see such a unique take on a green jalapeño sauce simply cease to exist.

I’ve enjoyed both of today’s review items and, if you think that you would as well, why not scroll back up to that “Links” button at the top of my blog and give Daddy Cool’s website a look?

3 thoughts on “White-Label Wonders

  1. Daddy Cool March 13, 2018 / 7:39 am

    Hi Conran

    Again we appear to have tickled those tastebuds of yours! So glad you have took the time to let others know of these two wonders, yes, alas this version of Hybrid will be discontinued, we’ve 6 bottles left in stock (really do need to change the web amount).

    Wasn’t it the Phoenix that arose from the ashes, well the Hybrid shall return in a different form and in all her glory later this year. Bigger and better!

    We choose white labels to firstly see how our main critics (joe public) perceive the product and after positive feedback of that particular product we’ll design a label and go to print (costs a small fortune), so now you know about our white labels.

    Green Bean & Chilli Pickle (design underway)
    Hybrid (put to sleep for another day)

    Going back to the review, great comments Coran and we thank you for positive feedback and look forward to tickling and tantalising those tastebuds of yours on other occasions.

    Warmest Regards

    Daddy Cool 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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