Updated Archives

Hey folks, I’m trying out something slightly new so let me know if it works for you, ok?

What I have done is add a new page to the header bar. An archive.

A list of all my recipes, reviews and “inedible” thursday posts, given to you in heat order within those sections.

That alone, however, is nothing new. Its content is strikingly similar to the side bar I’ve already got up on the right but making a proper page out of it makes it easier to manage on my end and comes with a couple of benefits for my readers as well.

In particular, you’ll see that the product and recipe names have been elogated a tad to better describe the item – Something that I can only do with the extra space that its new format affords me.

Plus, for mobile viewers, you have a lot less work to do to reach it up there than to scroll past every post on my front page to find it at the bottom. Turns out sidebars only really work as such on real computers.

So, I hope you find this new addition helpful and do let me know how it plays out.


Your friend Coran “Spicefreak” Sloss.

Oh, but before I go, do remember to read my censorship policy before clicking on anything with a flame by it and my emoji key if you see any other symbols that you don’t recognise.

Take care!

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