My Resolutions

So we’re a little way into 2018 now and it’s time I stated my plans for the year.  Not in a full blown post, though, even if it is thursday as I’m writing this. More just a minor news update.

2017 was all about exploring the top of my range. What it was and what might surpass that. It was about super hot and potentially record level stuff. It was definitely about the super strong side.

This year, I’m toning that down a lot.

I still have a bottle of Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion sauce to come and a thursday feature on another weird new claim in the works but, aside from that, I think I’ve mentioned all the potential new records.

We’ve seen the Dragon’s Breath, Fatalii Gourmet’s Jigsaw and Pepper X already and you’ve heard my thoughts on the Bhutlah.

This year is going to be more about the unusual, again, with at least a few non-Chilli heat sources thrown into the mix. It’s going to be about more sensible strengths. And it’s going to be about tidying up the place, with a new header image also incoming as soon as I can fix the aspect ratio.

After all, still using an acquaintance’s shelf two years in is just sad.

In addition to all this, you may have noticed more ingredients lists in my recent work. This has been an active change that I’ve made due to reader requests and, while not every post in my pool of pre-written reviews is able to meet with this, you’ll be seeing a lot more ingredients lists from me in future. Especially in cases where you can’t rely on the producer to make them available online.

I hope you find all this to your liking, dear readers, and, if there’s anything else you wish to see change, do feel free to pop a comment down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on both this and my content in general.


Coran “Spicefreak” Sloss

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