The Flaming Licks Box

Happy thursday, folks, today I’ve got another inedible review for you.


Just last week, I received a free goodie box from Flaming Licks, the hot sauce subscription service previously known as Lick My Dip*. I opened it on film and you can see my first reactions to all the items inside here.

But this post is a slightly more in depth look at the product that Flaming Licks provides. The box itself.

The packaging is black, with their web address, hashtag and slogan all featured in white text around the box’s sides. Each poised just above some rather realistic looking fire.

But the fire on top is much more cartoony. Block yellow with a thin line of white seperating it from its bold red outline.

A tongue emerges from a black, mouth-shaped hole in its centre to show that this flame licks but I find its exact angling makes it look just a tad ill aswell. Perhaps that’s just me, though.

This is then surrounded by the name of the subscription service in the same worn white we saw around the sides. All encircled in a way that implies a stamp or a seal.

It’s simple but effective.

Inside the box, before we even see the items, we’re greeted by two recipe cards. Things that we can make with or to go alongside the sauces and such that the box contains. They look good but, with everything else I’ve had going on recently, I haven’t had chance to try them out.

And, of course, they aren’t the main appeal here. What most people will be interested in are the edible items.

For their cheapest box, the “Munch Box”, that would be four tasty snacks or dips, while their “Taste Box” contains four sauces (three sample size) and something else that wouldn’t fit into the Munch.

Me though, I received their biggest box, the “Crave Box”, with everything. Nine items for between £23.49 and £19.99, depending on how many months you subscribe for.

At just above two pounds an item and with shipping already included, it seems like something of a steal. But the quality still depends on the items inside.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep as close tabs on Flaming Licks as I did for Lick My Dip, so I can’t say with certainty how good they are, but I was pretty pleased with october’s box.

It didn’t have the halloween theme that I expected but it also only contained only one item I didn’t enjoy trying and that was because it was a raw spice mix. Cooked with as intended, I’m sure it would taste far better. And I intend to try it out soon.

The other things I found inside were:

Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm’s Megalodon – A highly fruity 7-Pot/7-Pod sauce with far more firepower than I expected.

Two sample-sized sauce “Hot Shots” from Mushemi Fire, consisting of a beautiful mushroom-based barbecue sauce named “Char” and their hot and savoury scotch bonnet and peri peri sauce, “Zwao!”.

A third Hot Shot from them that was actually a hot onion relish called “Juju”, not a sauce. Very different to other products of its type, being kept savoury by its tart peri peri chilli content.

Wildings’ Habanero & Lemongrass Duck Crackling – Something that sounded both unique and wonderful but that I didn’t try. I’m not fond of duck but my friend absolutely loved these.

New York Delhi’s Mumbai Mix – A far hotter than normal but still perfectly sane bombay mix with a great blend of indian spices.

And two products made specially for the box but likely to be available separately in their web store at the end of the month.

The first of these was a pack of toasted jalapeño bagel slices topped with italian cheese and, as I later found out, naga dust. They weren’t nearly as hot as that implies but also weren’t nearly as jalapeño as hoped. Yet I wasn’t disappointed for long – They were excellent medium heat cheese snacks all the same.

And you know they were good because they disappeared before I got chance to try them with the second exclusive item – An intensely rich and sweet smoked chilli and onion marmalade which I ended up devouring in jacket potatoes with cream cheese instead.

It was an excellent variety of heats and flavours that certainly kept me and my friend happy but it would also be rather well suited to people with a more normal spice tolerance.

The Megalodon had a somewhat ridiculous



despite chilli being its last ingredient, but everything else was a four or below. Within the realms of what most spice lovers can handle.

And there are even ways to tame that prehistoric terror, perhaps using it to liven up a sweet and fruity chinese cooking sauce. Just be careful with the quantity.

Now that it provides its own, custom made products, Flaming Licks is not quite as brilliant a way to find small producers as Lick My Dip used to be but we still saw two I’m fond of (Prices Spices & Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm) in this box, one I’ve been meaning to check out for a while (Mushemi Fire) and two that I’d never even heard of before (Wildings & New York Delhi).

Not quite as good here still means pretty great.

Plus, they now have their own store where you can get the majority of what’s been featured in this and previous boxes, meaning that ordering all these small producer items doesn’t have to cost a small fortune in delivery.

I’m very happy with what I’ve had from them and would have been even if I’d spent twenty-odd quid on it. It’s a great service that I wholeheartedly recommend so, in case you want a box of your own, here’s a link to their website.

*I have removed my old review from the sidebar, since it is nolonger relevant, but you can still access it here for reference.

4 thoughts on “The Flaming Licks Box

  1. yorkshirepianos October 19, 2017 / 6:10 am

    No, it’s not just you – that logo is definitely saying “Bleurrrg!”


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