Mahi Fine Foods

Hey folks, meet Mahi Fine Foods, the latest in a long line of companies sending me free stuff.


I came across them while browsing stallholder lists for festivals that I, sadly, could not attend.

They’re situated in cambridgeshire but claim to bring us the “flavours of the world”, focusing largely on africa and portugal, if my box of goodies is anything to go by.

2017-09-24 12.29.29

Three out of the five sauces they’ve sent are peri peri, with one even being the first dedicated jar of rub/marinade we’ve looked at, but it was the other two that really caught my attention. You’ll see why when I’ve had chance to review them.

In the meantime, though, it’s worth noting that they haven’t sent me their hottest.

Mahi’s Bhut Jolokia sauce is now in Sainsbury’s so I doubt it needs much more exposure.

Yet, while I don’t normally work with brands that have made it big, I’m happy to have these guys on board because they’re not just standard supermarket fare. They’re not all made to fit a mass market.

The products that they’ve sent me you can only get direct from them and, while some do look to rival Nando’s, others are practically unique. It’s a much more interesting range than I’m used to seeing in stores, where the best you get is usually a single exciting limited edition.

Plus, their focus on wholesome, non-artificial ingredients and awareness of their carbon footprint strikes me as more of a small business mentality.

As for what they taste like, though, you’ll have to wait for that. I can’t fit any more reviews in this month but you’ll still be seeing them soon enough.

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