Pineapple Primate

Hello again everyone and welcome back to another tuesday sauce review.

Over these past months, we’ve looked at most of the Screaming Chimp’s sauce range. Some have been hot, some have been mild, some have been sweet, some have been smokey and some have been just a little bit sour.

They have, however, all had one thing in common, aside from their very similar packaging. A fruity base made mainly from simmered fresh tomatoes.

Today’s sauce bucks that trend in favour of another fruit. Pineapple.

2017-03-11 11.10.32

But, while its whopping 44% pineapple content makes this sauce stand out from the rest, its label is barely any different at all.

What we see on this sauce is the same namesake screaming chimp on the same mock-parchment background, only now with an orangey-yellow upper and lower border.

A colour that doesn’t particularly stand out against that parchment-style backing but would, if a little more prominent, go a long way to highlighting the difference between this and their redder sauces.

Yet, while the packaging doesn’t do too much to make the sauce’s flavour obvious, the difference in colour of the sauce itself certainly makes it stand out against the reds of their main range.

It’s a good, if slightly muted, shade of yellow.

And, interestingly, the company only mention a single chilli in its blurb. The popular scotch bonnet, which definitely fits the tropical theme.

With just the one chilli, perhaps its flavour will come through more than in the other Screaming Chimp sauces but, at only 2%, I might be being too optimistic. Let’s find out, shall we?

2017-04-11 13.20.32

It’s a chunky sauce but the pieces are tiny. Practically shreds of crushed pineapple, with the occasional pepper seed dwarfing them in comparison.

There’s a good bit of texture to this sauce and it brings with it a rather surprising burn. Despite coming in at a mere two chillies on the Screaming Chimp scale, it reaches a



that marks the boundary between medium and hot.

It is clear, however, that this heat is not solely from the chillies.

While there is, in fact, a hint of their mildly fruity flavour, along with the lemon and honey at the start, this quickly gives way to the onions and then ginger. Ginger which provides a sharp little kick on which the bonnets can build.

It’s a rapid burn that grows quickly at the top of the mouth and does linger a while but does so at well below its peak heat.

But that’s when eaten on its own. Used as intended, this sauce drops to a low medium



as food seems to cover up that supporting spicy root.

Either way, it’s a pleasant chilli and ginger tingle but what I really like about this sauce is the interplay of flavours. The way all those little hints interact with each other and with the ever-present crushed pineapple base.

It’s not a sauce I see going with everything but it’s a great little fruity number that will liven up chicken, salads and sweet rice dishes, along with many jamaican foods and maybe even tacos.

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