Tofu Chew

Happy tuesday everyone, it’s time we took another look at Cowley’s Fine Foods.

2017-05-07 15.15.04

Here we have their Chilli, Ginger and Garlic Tofu Jerky, in packaging not too unlike that of their sweet potato sort.

Again, we see the two owners posing with the tools of their trade on either side of the product’s name in its renaissance-era styled font. And again, it’s a white label on clear packaging that shows off the product within.

Unlike the last couple of items from them, though, this one has the label sideways for a bigger picture and, where those ones showed off their jalapeño content, this one’s central design appears to be a wheel of red and yellow cayenne.

2017-05-07 15.16.06

All I can see on the tofu pieces, however, are flakes of red and this one mysterious seed I can’t quite place:


It’s quite clearly not chilli and nor does it strike me as ginger or garlic so, whatever it is, it’s not on the ingredients list.

That little concern aside for now, though, how do the little jerky bits taste?

Like their previous jerky, a little heavy on the soy but, in this instance, I find it works rather well, especially with the ginger and garlic turning it into something not too far from a savoury teriyaki.

And, of course, the ginger does a little more than just add to the flavour, supporting the otherwise fairly mild chilli and bringing it up to a low



that lingers in my throat and the back of my mouth for a surprisingly long time.

A great, long lasting medium.

I don’t think that the chilli actually is cayenne but, with the ginger altering its burn so, I can’t say for sure. All I can say with certainty is that it definitely tastes red and that there’s a good little zing of root ginger flavour that often accompanies it.

I’m not quite as keen on its texture, striking me as both tough and a little rubbery, but then I’m not a frequent jerky eater. I’m merely a spicy food reviewer who got in touch and was sent a bunch of free stuff.

No, while the texture doesn’t suit me, both toughness and a good bit of chew are generally desirable in a product like this and, even though it’s not something that appeals to me right away, the dark, rich, gingery and somewhat oriental flavour of this product definitely makes it something I could get used to.

All in all, I’ve really rather enjoyed this jerky. My only concern is the mystery seed which, upon second thought, looked an awful lot like sesame.

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