Chilli Pepper Pete

Hello again everyone, today we’re going to take a look at Chilli Pepper Pete.


A company known for their extreme heat sauces but one who also have plenty of flavour to offer. And they’ve sent me a mix of the two, with their garlic and herb-based “Zhoug” and both ends of the heat spectrum that is Dragon’s Blood.

2017-03-26 10.46.50

They’ve given me more than just that, though, as there’re another four sample jars hidden behind those, waiting for their time in the review spotlight. Because it wouldn’t be fun to know everything ahead of time now would it?

One surprise I will spoil, however, is the nature of these jars. For now, they are nothing more than sampling pots for people like me but they arrived stacked into a plastic tube that the company tell me will later be available for purchase.

What exactly will be in the tubes they sell remains a mystery, though. I have been informed that there will be three different sets, each with a selection of six products, instead of the seven I received.

At the time of writing, what these six will be is largely unknown but, should you need a gift set or want to try a large chunk of their range before committing to the full sized bottles, I’m sure that they’ll do the trick.

And, for those who’d rather get an idea of what their products are like by reading up on another’s experience, that’s why I’m here to taste them for you. Everything from medium up to the utterly insane extract offerings because, if their website is to be believed, they don’t do any truly mild sauces.

The downside to these sample jars, however, is that they’re still a work in progress, with low quality labelling that neither reflects the actual products on sale nor survives the post all that well.

Because of this, it has been agreed that I will be using the company’s own images for my reviews, taken directly from the Chilli Pepper Pete website. I can’t say I like doing so but I’d rather showcase the flavour than the pretty packaging anyway and, by accepting these little jars, I get to show you a good deal more of what the company has to offer.

It’s for the best.

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