A Word on Censorship

Dear readers,

Today’s main post is the first to contain a hot product with an expletive in its name but it will almost certainly not be the last. Many chilli products use such strong language for the novelty value and, while a lot of them don’t have much else going for them, I cannot avoid better items just because of less than family friendly names.

I am, however, willing to make a few compromises to keep any of these swear words from cropping up unexpectedly.

In the interest of giving fair and comprehensive reviews that properly represent the products in question, I will not be censoring my posts but, as you may have noticed, I do not use the kind of language we’re talking about in my regular speach. It will only ever appear in posts where the product itself uses it.

And, even then, such words will never appear before the “Continue Reading” button so that they do not appear on the main page. Instead, what you will see is an explanation of my reasons for taking on the product(s) in question and a brief content warning, prompting you to click that button at your own discretion.

Furthermore, any posts containing such content will be marked in the side bar with the 🔥 symbol that I will also use to censor any names that find their way there.

I hope you find this solution agreeable,

Your friend Coran, the Spicefreak.

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