Best Served Hot?

Happy tuesday all of you, today we’re going to look at the first of Grim Reaper Foods’ freebies, the Vengeance oil from their thai style gift box.

2017-03-17 13.13.29

It’s a chilli oil but, unlike most of the ones I’ve seen before, there’s a little more going on than just the chilli. This oil also has ginger and lemongrass for that authentic thai taste.

But, before we try it out, let’s take a minute to appreciate the Reaper’s hard work in packaging the Vengeance.

The bottle depicts the same logo we saw on their chocolate, a cartoony grim reaper, hands out and drifting towards the viewer, his chilli scythe strapped to his back.

There are a few differences, though.

On this particular product, we see the chocolate behind the reaper’s left shoulder (our right) replaced by a silhouette of the bottle itself and the flames that sprung from his right now seem to rise behind him like a deadly sunset. The brown at the top of the box is gold on this bottle, while those flames give off a red gradient glow that works with the black to create a rather ominous feel.

This time around, large chunks of Grim Reaper Food’s labelling is metallic, using beaten foil for fine texturing on most of its design but a far glossier, smooth finish for the reaper’s silver cloak and his scythe.

And I thought they’d spared no expense on their chocolate!

But, while it’s a stunningly good looking bottle, it doesn’t quite do as much to tell us what’s inside. At least, not visually. It’s all spelled out beneath the name.

Rapeseed oil with lemongrass, ginger and chilli, intended for use in salads and stir fries.

2017-03-17 13.15.24

And, in fact, as I pour myself a golden spoonful, I can smell the stir fry already. Fragrant, zesty and rooty, it reminds me of my dad’s chinese cooking, despite him never using lemongrass at all.

Which is weird because the lemongrass scent is actually more prominent than the ginger.

It tastes just like it smells, too, only a little fresher and more aromatic, with a long slow burn that builds at the upper back of my mouth until it reaches a rather high



then tapers away to a nice, lingering glow.

It’s definitely hot but it’s on the low end of it and the flavour is, indeed, unmistakeably oriental. It is, as expected, very different to the chilli oils I’ve had before.

So different, in fact, that it doesn’t even taste of chilli.

This is because all of the flavours in this oil have been added using extracts, in part to increase their potency and in part to make sure that each batch is the same.

For the ginger and lemongrass, this actually works really well but, for the chilli itself, the extract isn’t just flavour. And, because of the sheer heat it provides, the chilli extract has to be kept to a minimum to produce a usable product.

Not that you’d want the flavour of most extracts in anything you eat but Grim Reaper Foods do theirs a little differently and manage to make a surprisingly pleasant extract range that we’ll be taking a look at later.

For now though, I’m just a little disappointed that we don’t have the taste of thai reds in here.

But, aside from my missing the chilli flavour, I do actually enjoy this product a great deal.

Vengeance is not an oil I’d use on everything but that’s not because it isn’t tasty. It’s simply because it’s so undeniably thai that I don’t think it would fit with many other culinary styles.

For noodles and stir fries, however, be they thai style or chinese, this product is going to be right at home. It’s going to mean you have a well distributed flavour without those awkwardly large mouthfuls of ginger you’d occasionally run into when cooking such meals traditionally. But, besides that, I also feel like the oil would go wonderfully with anything that heavily features baby corn in either fried or grilled form.

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget its potential use as or as part of a salad dressing. It even comes with a plastic nozzle for that purpose, lettting you easily control the flow and drizzle it on carefully:

2017-03-17 13.14.37

So, in conclusion, Vengeance isn’t perfect but it’s still a good little product that’s well worth picking up if you’re as tired of the same old chilli oil as I have been. Or even if you just really like thai food.

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