Grim Reaper Gifts

Hello again everyone, it’s time for another review. Today, what we’re going to be looking at are some freebies sent along with my recent order from Grim Reaper Foods. Because I figured it was time to try something more than just their excellent chocolate.

2017-02-02 11.52.16.jpg

What we have here, so that you’re fully aware, is one sauce, one bottle of chilli oil and one scary little pipette-capped extract bottle. But, as you may have noticed, it’s thursday.

Thursday is my day for inedible items and small talking points, not my tuesday review day.

Should you want to see what I think of my free samples, you’re going to have to wait for another time because today, Grim Reaper Foods have asked me to talk about the box.

I guess they have always cared more about packaging than most of their competitors.

But, jokes aside, the look of a gift box is an important part of the gift giving and what the reaper offers here isn’t quite your average three piece set, either.

As I mentioned above, each of the items in this box is a different kind of product – one a sauce, one an oil and one an extract. This is no coincidence but rather their way of illustrating the fact that you aren’t limited to just sauces, oils, extracts or rubs. You can pick any three items from any combination of those. And you’ll still make the same saving you’d expect from a premade gift box.

The only thing you sadly can’t do is pick their chocolate but hey, you can always tack a bar or two onto your order anyway and it’s still an amazing amount to choose from. Maybe even too much for some people.

The way the reaper spoke about these new boxes, however, implied he has at least a few premade suggestions if you’re completely stuck. Mine, in particular, was his thai style assortment, with the lemongrass and ginger “Vengeance” oil, the “Rookie Goblin” jalapeño sauce and an extract named “Raging Goblin” that I don’t want to give away too much about just yet.

And, whatever you pick, they all come in this elegant black box with Grim Reaper Food’s classic cartoony grim reaper and chilli scythe design.

It’s a quite basic and familiar type of box used by many companies but, as well as printing their logo on it, Grim Reaper Foods have made one more big change: They’ve added windows.

Because they’re not big enough for the products to fall through, they’re not actually big enough to read the product names through either but I find that this actually adds to the anticipation, if anything. You get a glimpse of the artwork on the bottles, standing out against the black background of the box itself, but don’t truly find out what’s in them until you open the box for real.

Simply put, the view through these windows is just one big sneak peak. And it’s a lot of fun!

But my favourite touch has to be the way the fingers of the cartoony reaper hang down into the window holes, giving the impression that he’s actually carrying your products to you personally.

It’s silly, but who isn’t when it’s christmas or their birthday?

On the right side, we have who they are and how to find them and, on the left, we have a list of all their non-sauce product types. The top just holds the company name in that sharp signature font we’ve seen on their chocolate but the back, the back holds this:

2017-02-02 13.14.47.jpg

A single image containing art from all across their range and a little blurb I don’t recognise, perhaps from a future product.

I definitely appreciate the combined artwork, seeing their entire range brought together in such a visual way, but I’m not the target audience for that part of the box. It looks good regardless of your familiarity with the company but the ones who are going to love this picture the most are the ones who have favourite products they know well and can pick out the art for. Because they’re not all simply in the line up at the bottom.

It’s an excellent nod to the kind of dedicated fans who snap up every limited edition.

In the end, though, while there may be a good many cool things going on with the box itself, the best bit about Grim Reaper Foods’ new gift boxes is the flexibility of their contents, with a price tuned to but always below that of the products you choose.

You can truly get whoever you’re buying for whatever they most want!

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