ChimouliS Sauces & Caramels

Greetings everyone, just this week I received a second batch of free samples. Not, this time, from a company that inspired the creation of my blog but never the less one that I’ve really wanted to talk about for a long time now.


The company is a small family business in Irthlingborough who’s name is an abbreviation of the products they make. Versatile chilli sauces that can be used as both marinades and coulis. Mostly quite fruity but none so much so that they couldn’t see use in a more savoury dish.

What they’ve actually become known for, however, is their chilli and salted caramel spread, a product I’ve heard great things about but no specifics. All I’ve heard is that it’s great.

Fortunately, you’ll soon be hearing a good deal more about it because I have myself a taster jar.


Of course, this is a lot smaller than what you’d be getting if you purchased from them. Instead of their regular sized bottles and jars, they’ve sent me their small, wedding favour ones. A fact I can hardly fault them for when they’ve given me this much.


Five very unique sauces, one chilli caramel and a heatless version to compare to. A wide variety of truly scrumptious looking samples, every single one of which piques my interest for a different reason. And one of them even contains a chilli I’d never heard of before.

Having not yet tried anything this company makes, I can’t yet say with certainty if I’m going to enjoy ChimouliS’ tasters but what I can say is this: I’m definitely going to enjoy finding out!

You’ll be seeing a lot of products from the same two companies in the near future but trust me, they’re both worth it.

These are some reviews I’m really excited for and I sincerely hope you are too.

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