The Chilli Alchemist

Happy thursday again everyone! This time I want to highlight a company that featured heavily in my inspiration for starting this blog. A bristol-based one that takes after my own wacky heart and does some seriously unusual products.


The Chilli Alchemist’s theming is, as their name would imply, rooted partially in science, partially in magic and completely in the old alchemical arts. Originally, each “potion” or “elixir” they created came in an actual alchemical flask, wax sealed and with a hand scorched label, but, as the company’s audience grew, that sadly became too time consuming a practice to continue.

Nowadays, those bottles still exist but they’re a luxury item, alongside far more ordinary sauce bottles.

But it’s not just their theming that draws me in. As well as producing some very pure chilli sauces, they also work with green tea, fennel and balsamic vinegar for some of their sauces (not all together) and even a savoury take on a thai style sauce.

They do interesting and different and they do it with flair. And that’s just their sauces.

One day, out of the blue, my local chilli shop owner phoned me up (we’re good friends) and told me he had the world’s hottest popping candy. I was astounded by the mere existence of such a product but not expecting much.

After all, the “world’s hottest gummy bears” had been a relatively tame habanero and any product that goes for record heat tends to forgo flavour in the process.

What he’d managed to get in, however, was anything but mild. In fact, it was one of my first run ins with the carolina reaper. And it was oddly delicious.

So the chilli Alchemist’s test tube of Melliculus Reaper popping candy quickly found its way into my lab coat pocket and has remained there long after running out.


But they don’t just do the world’s hottest chilli. They produce an entire range of these, focusing on both heat and flavour with a wide variety of strengths. And they sent me samples.


Some of these I know and love. Some of these I’ve never had the chance to try before. All of them will be featured on my blog in the nearish future but I intend to spread the reviews out a little to keep from overloading you with one product type.

I also have a little something else from them coming up but you’ll have to wait and see for that.

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