Hot Off the Press

Surprise, it’s thursday!

No, that doesn’t mean I’m changing the day of my uploads or writing two reviews a week. What it means is that, from time to time, I want to be able to talk to you without interfering with my regular recipe and review schedule.

I’m calling the resulting posts my “inedibles”, talks focusing on hot food related topics but not about a particular product, recipe or other edible item.

Today I’d like to use this space to tell you about my new favourite web-comic.


Grrl Power follows the story of Sydney, a highly eccentric young woman with ADHD, as she makes the leap from joint owner of a comic book store to trainee member of a government run superhero team.

The story quickly becomes a ridiculous romp through nerd culture, filled with countless references that are at times obvious and at others unnoticeable to all but the most hardened of geeks.

Which she obviously is but you don’t have to be.

You don’t have to be a massive comic fan to enjoy the story, as long as you’re open to the medium. Nor do you have to know any of the material it refers to, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get the references. All you really need is to be able to appreciate a fast-flowing stream of silliness in a world where superheroes exist but secret identities are ruled out as implausible.

But before I send anyone and everyone to go read it, I should probably do the responsible thing and give it a rating.


For teens and above. The comic is free from nudity and gore and can generally be considered safe for work but, alongside its various other antics, it does include a fair amount of sexual humour and comedic run on swears. Not to mention the occasional violence and small amounts of blood you might expect from anything with superheroes fighting.

Furthermore, I can make no assurances that any links on the page are as tame as the comic itself. They are all labelled by the author but, if in doubt, I recommend not clicking ones you’re unsure on just in case.

So, if you’ve got this far, you’re probably wondering, how does this relate to my blog’s themes? Well, one of the recurring aspects of Sydney’s character is her overblown love of chilli.

She takes it well past my limits and simply cannot get food hot enough for her tastes but, as with everything else in Grrl Power, this only adds to the fun. The reactions of those around her, the crazy precautions they take in preparation of her meals and even the moment of panic when she misses her mouth are all comedy gold.

I strongly suggest checking the comic out at

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