A Smoother Sriracha

It’s tuesday again and you know what that means. More hot stuff!

Not that I’m going crazy with the heat today. No, today’s sriracha is a lot milder than the last and made by the Flying Goose brand many of you will know.

But this isn’t their ordinary sriracha. I’m trying their mayo.

2016-06-22 18.17.14

The branding is simple, with the company’s Thai writing below and the words “Sriracha Mayo Sauce” above their flying goose logo. All printed in white onto a clear plastic bottle that lets us see the bright yet creamy orange of its contents. Not that this is immediately obvious if you’ve not seen their other products as, with the sauce roughly matching the lid’s colour, you could easily mistake it for an opaque bottle at a distance.

As you get close, however, you’ll soon see that this sauce isn’t one homogeneous colour but is, in fact, flecked with fine red chilli bits. Tiny pieces of red jalapeño that have been aged for months to achieve that authentic sriracha flavour.

They are the only colouring in this sauce. Despite its vibrancy, this sauce’s colour is all natural.

But let’s have a look at it out the bottle:

2016-06-22 18.20.21

Well that’s a little anti-climactic really. It looks exactly the same, only rising up from the edges of the spoon a bit to display its mayonnaise-like texture. Which is impressive, given that it’s missing several of the expected ingredients.

2016-06-22 18.17.40

Most notably, the egg. That’s right, this sauce is completely egg free and I actually picked it up just because of how weird that was. How can you make mayonnaise without the main ingredient?

Apparently using soy bean oil, mustard and corn starch. Who knew?

And, quite frankly, I couldn’t tell the difference. If the bottle hadn’t said, I would have no idea that this sauce was vegan. It doesn’t even taste of the mustard.

What it does taste of is somewhat akin to a high quality garlic mayo, with the creaminess and texture to match, but it also has an ultra-fine granular nature from the chilli that reminds me of thousand island dressing. A likeness that the red jalapeño’s fruitiness definitely contributes towards flavour-wise but that the garlic aspect and lack of capers definitely take away from.

In the end, this sauce is very much its own thing that cannot be completely understood just by calling it sriracha and mayo combined but it definitely brings both flavours together when creating its unique taste.

It would go excellently on chips (or fries if you’re not British), especially the sweet potato kind, but its intended use is as a condiment for sushi or simply a dip for bread like how the Spanish use their garlic mayo. This in an egg mayonnaise sandwich, however, seems like the most heavenly way to go.

Or, should you wish to drizzle it onto fish, meat or even salad, Flying Goose’s squirty nozzle gives you excellent control over both the quantity you add and how it’s placed.

And, while its heat is higher than I expected, its not too hot for any of these uses. Its 20% chilli content only gives it slightly higher than normal burn that I would call the low end of my

Starting as a mild mouth tingle and developing as it hits the throat. Warming but never overpowering, though interestingly just a smidgen stronger than the brand’s regular sriracha.

All in all, I’m far more impressed than I thought I would be and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who likes sriracha or garlic mayonnaise.

5 thoughts on “A Smoother Sriracha

  1. yuppicide December 29, 2017 / 4:10 am

    Definitely want to try this after hearing your comments. Thanks.

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